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Profile / Dimple Foam - 2006-05-CONV

Product Code 2006-05-CONV
Density Available 18D, 22D, 32D, 45D (Normal Foam) 22D Antistatic Foam
Description Polyurethene Foam with Fire Retardent (Class HF1 as per U.L.94), Normal Foam, Antistatic Foam Comply with R.O.H.S. Directive 2002/95/E.C.
Application Used as Accoustic Insulation in D.G. Industries, Automobile Industry, Auditoriums, Packaging Industry, Fire Retardent Mattresses Etc.
Third Party Confirmation

1.. A.R.A.I. Approval for NREC of Normal Foam

2. F.R. Testing As per U.L.94 (Class Hf1)

3. R.O.H.S. as per 2002/95/E.C.


Detail Technical Report Available on Request

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Profile / Dimple Foam

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